Mexican Wine, Morocco Wine, Arak, Lebanese Wine, Imported to the USA.



Volubilis Imports Inc. has been the exclusive importer of select Moroccan wine, Moroccan beer, Lebanese wine and Lebanese arak and Mexican wine since 1992.

Its Moroccan and Lebanese specialties include the finest wines from the Celliers de Meknes, Casa Beer from Brasseries du Maroc and the celebrated Lebanese Château Kefraya wines from the beautiful Bekka Valley.

Volubilis Imports Inc. now offers Mexican wines (mostly from the Guadelupe Valley in Baja California just south of the US border) and a fine line of Côtes du Rhône wines and Côtes de Provence wines from France.

Our wines are selected by Youssef Benjelloun and Marcus Salvemini two connoisseurs who have lived and traveled extensively in France, Lebanon and Morocco and Mexico. Through years of experience, they are able to supply you with unique wines, beers and spirits from Morocco, Lebanon, Mexico and Southern France.



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